I have been sketching and drawing my whole young life with ever growing enthusiasm. When I graduated from German high school I asked myself, why stop there? I immediately pursued Graphic Design. I now know how lucky I was to choose a profession that I would find immensely rewarding, always full of new challenges to technique and creativity.

I was born in the United States, but my design studies have their roots in Europe. In Germany, right before the desktop publishing boom, I learned the then canonical classics: hands-on illustration, typography and calligraphy. I added a couple of semesters to my studies in order to immerse myself in emerging multimedia tools, far ahead of any curriculum the school had to offer in those days. The resulting Macromedia Director interactive program that was my Master's Degree thesis won first prize among that year's graduating class.

A note on German schools: there are typically fewer projects in the curriculum than in U.S. schools, allowing the students to go into greater depth and creative exploration. My professional experience has taught me speed and efficiency. I believe I have benefited from the best of both worlds.

After a successful small agency stint creating direct mail and advertising, I moved to Hamburg, Germany, where I spent four years in two web agencies, one large and one small. I managed the creative process for a number of accounts, including 3Com, Nestle and Panasonic. Working with such notable clients, I realized that great things are realized one step at a time. Focus and persistence make practically anything possible.

After meeting the woman of my dreams (an American!), I returned to the United States, where I first brushed up on my print design, production and pre-press skills for a start-up print shop. I soon switched to my current position as Senior Graphic Designer in the marketing department of a world-renowned electronic components manufacturer. I oversee worldwide publication design from concept through production. Graphic designers and production artists are my responsibility and I truly enjoy the creative dialogue that ensues.

You will find me an energetic and enthusiastic person. I revel in rising to the challenge, whether it is creative or technical in nature. A project well done, whether it wins a prize or not, is my ultimate reward.